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A fantastic first question. After all, I’m a chiropractor. How am I supposed to “crack” or “pop” you any ways? Well this is where the Modern Day portion comes in. You can read more about my principles of what a Modern Day Chiro is here but the shorter answer is this. Prior to our first online appointment, I will have your initial intake and questionnaires based on area(s) of complaint. From there I will analyze all this information, again, prior to our first engagement. During our initial scheduling, I will re-cover your history and may ask other questions. As we finish our initial conversation,  I will send you videos of movement based tests I’d like you to record for me (using an app called Hudl Technique). This requires a good bit of moving around so it is encouraged to wear something you can move freely in. Once I feel we have covered that portion, I will sit down with you during a follow up appointment to answer all of your questions, clear any confusion, and get you started on a few things to better your current state. The goal of the first initial appointments are all about empowering, enlightening, and educating!

First off, we have to work on that mentality my friend! In this day and age, we have amazing tools and leaders in all fields of medicine. One of my main personal principles is I’m not here to bullshit. I got into the passion of helping people better themselves, not my ego. With that being said, if we are not a good fit together, be it because I cannot personally help you OR we simply just do not mesh well personality wise, I will exhaust every effort to find you someone(s) who will. I work well with others despite being an only child.

Yeah I try to get that part out of the way quickly while respecting you are paying me for your time and my ideas.  There’s a couple ways of navigating this that can be better covered through your initial email but Square, through the scheduling app, or a couple other payment portals that are secured, work more than enough for me.  This all being if you book through an online consultation.  Live consults will be handled via personal transactions at the office.

The answer is clearly multi factorial as nothing is black and white. I know this isn’t the definitive (aka black and white) answer you are looking for but we can blame the current process of the medical community (and for that matter the modern age) for that. We always want the “fix” or “quick solution”. As we’ve seen the quick fix is opioids and here we are sitting in an opioid epidemic. Band aids work well for the short term but learning from the experience of why we needed the band aid and what to do in the future is an invaluable lesson. This is the part where I quote the “fish for a man…teach a man to fish…”. I’m fully transparent during our meetings with taking what I see on video along with our interaction to give you an estimate for a timeline. Either way, this is a process and should be approached as such! Success doesn’t happen over night and if it did, it wouldn’t last very long. If you want a quicker fix or success quickly, I understand that completely however we are not the right fit for one another if that is the case.

I’ll answer this in two pieces: one from your perspective and one from my perspective. From your perspective, I take a patient-centered approach to your care. What this means is that what may work for one person, quite frequently does not work for another person. Your pain is not cookie cutter and neither should be your care you receive. To be able to have a Doctor that treats this way, you must constantly be educating yourself on not just modern developments of your field but soft skills like human interaction and critical thinking need to be on par as well. From my perspective, I’ll tell you about my first day of school and my answer to why I chose what I do today. Everyone in my class of 200+ had some miraculous story of tragedy to triumph with a chiropractic adjustment. I admire these stories but I noticed once I told mine how much air I let out of the room. I was torn between PT and Chiro school and chose Chiro school because we were at the time portal of entry and didn’t need a script from a Medical Doctor to be seen. (I don’t like people telling me what to do 🙂 ). So with everyone’s passionate answer I sat there thinking “wow I’m a loser”. It’s all a matter of perception! My passion that I didn’t know I had was simple and direct. I just wanted to help people in any capacity with meeting goals and being the best version of themselves they wanted to be.

Your best question yet because I never like to show up unprepared. For both live and online consults, it is suggested that you wear something you can move around in easily so we can truly see how you move and not be restricted or inhibited. For runners or specific athletes, there may be some assessment of shoes and insoles so have them handy. For online clients, having something to stabilize your laptop or phone as well to do testing and consults would be ideal as to not have to exhaust our time with fiddling too much with keeping things in frame.  In terms of equipment for exercise, this will be covered plenty during the examination and summary email.

  • I attribute my health, wellness, and ability to stay healthy doing what I love to Dr. Riley. He is so talented and his approach to functional movement is unlike anything i've experiences working with other physicians.

    Randi L. Avatar
    Randi L.

    Dr. Riley is an amazing professional and a truly caring person. He is helping me come back to running after runners knee and other running related injuries. It has only be a few visits, but the progress is already undeniable.... read more

    Jake S. Avatar
    Jake S.

    Dr. Jesse has been amazing. He not only not helped me physically but also helped me mentally get back on track after an injury. I went from not being able to run a mile pain-free to a marathon and Ironman... read more

    Kate L. Avatar
    Kate L.
  • Dr. Jesse does a great job at keeping the recovery positive. From my first visit with injury to helping me get out all the kinks before my first race back. He has been a great fit in injury recovery and... read more

    Kaitlyn M. Avatar
    Kaitlyn M.

    My sons have been seeing Dr. Riley for over a year and we are so grateful for his care. He is able to address acute injuries and concerns while also seeing the big picture - both for my children as... read more

    Jenny H. Avatar
    Jenny H.

    I can't say enough about how much I enjoy working with Dr. Riley. He has done great work on getting me back to full strength with my personal running as well as working with a number of my youth and... read more

    Andrew S. Avatar
    Andrew S.
  • I really appreciate Dr. Riley’s holistic approach. I also love that he is both a chiropractor and a physical therapist. I highly recommend him.

    Lindsey R. Avatar
    Lindsey R.

    Pretty incredible experience with Dr. Jesse! Functional strength based with great knowledge of biomechanics! As a health care professional myself, I can not speak highly enough of his treatment style! He is extremely thorough and takes the time to hear... read more

    Margaret S. Avatar
    Margaret S.

    Dr. Jesse Riley has been treating our son with great success and unparalleled attention. Our child is an injured top-level high school runner. Dr.Riley's professionalism, attention to detail, willingness to contribute his time and effort are well beyond professional standard... read more

    Aleksandr S. Avatar
    Aleksandr S.
  • A while back I developed an agonizing pain in my shoulder that kept me up at night. It felt like my arm was being pulled out of its socket. Dr. Jesse Riley was eager to check me out and figure... read more

    Chris P. Avatar
    Chris P.

    Dr Jesse is a fantastic health care provider for mechanical and muscular issues. He listens to and evaluates everything and takes a holistic approach to developing a plan. Everything is individualized. I never feel like I am getting a... read more

    Alexis S. Avatar
    Alexis S.

    Jesse is amazing at what he does. He is passionate about helping his patients figure out obstacles that may be in their way of doing what they love. I knew from our first session that he would be a different... read more

    Christy A. Avatar
    Christy A.